Site5 VS BlueHost – Shared Hosting Comparison For Joomla

This comparison of Site5 and BlueHost is based on their strengths and weaknesses in aspects like price, features, performance and technical support. We firmly believe that it is very helpful and practical for webmasters who are stuck with the choice between Site5 and BlueHost.

Both of them offer Joomla hosting for customers, so if you have little experience on Joomla hosting, or you just want to save your time and energy, you are strongly suggested to read this thorough comparison. Note that all results and comparison are based on shared web hosting plans only.


For webmasters and business owners, perhaps cost is the most important factor they need to take into account. So we give detailed price information of the two web hosts. BlueHost provides three web hosting plans – Basic, Plus and Prime. The three plans are rated at $7.99/mo, $10.99/mo and $14.99/mo respectively.

On the other side, Site5 also provides customers with three hosting solutions – hostBasic, hostPro and hostPro+hostTurbo. Like BlueHost, Site5 gives plans of three price levels, so the three solutions price at $4.95/mo, $8.95/mo, and $11.95/mo.

Obviously, BlueHost is more slightly expensive than Site5, but overall, their plans are at the same price level. More importantly, BlueHost provides discounted prices, which are charged starting at $2.95/mo severally. Plus, BlueHost provides ad credits for its three plans, including $50 for Basic and $200 for Plus and Prime. So BlueHost is more affordable.

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Two companies offer rich-featured plans for customers, and all plans contain unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited website emails. For your convenience, we select the hostPro plan of Site5 and Plus plan of BlueHost.

Apart from their commons, they have many differences in features. So we list some of them in below table to give you a rough idea of their advantages and disadvantages.

Company BlueHost Site5
Plan Plus hostPro
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel Custom Control Panel
SpamExperts Yes No
PostgreSQL Yes No
PHP 5 Yes No
SSH Yes Yes
How to claim Link Activation Not Recommended

In terms of control panel, Site utilizes its own-developed control panel while BlueHost uses enhanced cPanel. As we all know, cPanel is the most popular control panel and is the first choice of most webmasters. Speaking of custom control panel, we are afraid that it would be time-consuming for many new users. After all, the interface is more complex, and the overall operation method is much harder than cPanel.


BlueHost has its own data centers that are equipped with mirrored storage backups, quad core processor servers and more. Besides, it always put a high value on the facility construction of the hardware, so as to ensure its much-lauded security and stability.

Speaking of speed, we think that only real test statistics and real user experience are convincing. In recent years, our monitoring team tests BlueHost and concludes that it is very stable and fast. The loading time is always within 300 ms. We made a dynamic chart according to recent months. Detailed data of speed test is shown in below chart.

Site5 also has several data centers in different places, and as it claims, you have access to choose the nearest one according to your location. However, the detailed information of its data centers is undisclosed on its website. Based on user reviews on the Internet and our own monitoring, we find that many customers complain that they encounter more than two downtimes within a month, and the maintenance process is too long to cause enormous losses.

Customer Service

The two web hosts offer 24/7 telephone support. Besides, customers can contact their support teams by sending emails. Apart from that, customers of BlueHost are offered other channels to get help like knowledge base, where hosting specialists will answer some frequently asked question in a very professional way.

Besides, the 2 companies offer live chat so you can contact them timely without cost. It is undeniable that both companies offer excellent technical support. According to our real experience and many customer comments, most staffs are patient and helpful. The only downside is that Site5 has many branches in different places, so some users complain that some employees are not native English speakers, so sometimes, communication is difficult, and they accept some inexact and incomplete information.

Conclusion – BlueHost Is Better

For business owners and individuals who want to get excellent Joomla hosting solution with a small budget, we strongly recommend BlueHost. Compared with Site5 and other peers, BlueHost offers relatively more affordable price, better service and nearly spotless performance.