WebHostingHub vs 1and1 on Shared Web Hosting Comparison

WebHostingHub and 1and1 are two of the cheap web hosting providers that get the great online reputation for a long time. This time, we’d like to make a WebHostingHub vs 1and1 comparison to review and compare their hosting solution.

In fact, WebHostingHub is relatively new, stepping into this field in the year of 2010. Since now, they own two US based data centers and a large team of more than 200 US members to support over 40,000 loyal customers. As for 1and1, this is a large and experienced hosting provider, offering the wide range of solutions for many international markets. Their service is suitable for any kind of users, ranging from the newbies to the high-end developers.

Rating WebHostingHub 1and1
Prices 4 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Features 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Speed 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Uptime 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Customer Support 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
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WebHostingHub vs 1and1 – The Similar Point

The most obvious similarity between WebHostingHub and 1and1 is their cheap hosting solution. Here, WebHostingHub provides three hosting plans. Initially, these packages are set with the prices from $8.99 to $10.99 for each month. At present, you can sign up through this special promotional link to get the up to 78% discount. Upon the activation of this large price-cut, you can get their service at the charge starting at $ 1.95/mo effectively for the first three months. The recurring charge starts at $3.99 per month.

WebHostingHub Promotion Link Activation

1and1 also offers three plans so that you can select your wanted one with enough freedom. This web host initially charges you at the price of $7.99/mo at least. But now, with their promotional campaign, the hosting rate is down to $0.99/mo only.

WebHostingHub vs 1and1 – The Different Points

In fact, we have found a lot of differences between these two cheap hosting providers. Here, we mainly cover the essential aspects, such as the feature allocation, page loading speed, technical support, uptime, ease of use and hosting freedom.

Feature Allocation – WebHostingHub Wins

To be frank, if you only need the most basic hosting features, both WebHostingHub and 1and1 can meet your needs. With either of them, you can get the following useful features.

  • Unless you choose the wrong package, there is no need for you to worry about the allocation of bandwidth, RAM and the server space.
  • If you need the programming languages for the developing purposes, you can feel free to use PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails and Python.
  • If you are new to the website creation, the 1-click installation service, 100% script compatibility and the website builder can help you a lot.
  • The backup service, SSH, SSL and firewall can protect your site from some online dangers effectively.

However, if you are looking for some add-on features, you can get more from WebHostingHub than from 1and1. For instance, with WebHostingHub, you can get up to $250 free advertising credits, a free domain name, the free service of website transfer, the automatic script installation service during the checkout process.

Even, as compared with the 30 days money back guarantee of 1and1, the refund period of WebHostingHub is much longer, which is up to 90 days.

Features WebHostingHub 1and1
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Space Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Yes No
Free Domain Yes No
Advertising Credits $250 No
Automatic Script Installation Yes No
Full Money Back 90 days 30 days
Promo Link Not Recommended

Page Loading Speed and Uptime – WebHostingHub Wins

You can check the following statistics to learn their hosting performance during the past few months. Surely, WebHostingHub ensures the much faster server response speed than 1and1.

In fact, since the inception into this industry, WebHostingHub insists on the fast hosting with the following technologies.

  • Their web servers are branded with the robust machine parts. This is the solid base for the smooth and fast hosting solution.
  • In order to ensure the working of the servers, WebHostingHub has two US based data centers. These server locations all can ensure the uninterrupted power supply, 24/7 cooling and some security measurements.
  • They use the SSDs to deliver your web content faster and quicker with the up to 20 times improvement.
  • As the sister brand of InMotion Hosting, they also offer the advanced routing technology of Max Speed Zone.

Based on these facilities, machines and technologies, WebHostingHub also succeeds in ensuring the 99.99% uptime.

The uptime record of WebHostingHub is better than that of 1and1.

Technical Support – WebHostingHub Wins

As for the technical support, we have to say that WebHostingHub does the much better job. With them, the 24/7 technical support is available with various support methods of live chat, email, ticket and phone. As tested personally, their support quality is beyond the overall industry level with the utmost professionalism.

As for 1and1, they also provide the all-time-rounded support solution. However, the support is not available with the live chat channel. As for the phone support and the email support, many people complain about the long holding and waiting time.

Ease of Use – WebHostingHub Wins

After checking their feature list, we have found that WebHostingHub offers the easier hosting than 1and1 with the following great tools and services.

  • They offer the cPanel control panel instead of the custom one.
  • They allow the auto-installation service for some popular scripts during the checkout.
  • They provide the website design service to ensure the unique online appearance for your site.

Hosting Freedom – 1and1 Wins

Both of them offer three hosting plans. However, unlike WebHostingHub only allows the Linux based web hosting, 1and1 also allows the Windows based hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated solution.


Frankly speaking, if you need to make the choice between WebHostingHub and 1and1, we highly recommend the service offered from WebHostingHub. With them, you do not need to worry about your budgets, features, hosting performance, convenience and the support service. Even, the 90 days money back is great.