WebHostingHub vs FatCow – Cheap Web Hosting Comparison

At present, you can find a lot of cheap hosting providers online that will not charge you too much. However, not all of their web hosting can maintain the high quality, especially for the aspects of page loading and uptime. WebHostingHub and FatCow, on the contrary, are the truly cost-effective web hosts that ensure the top-level web hosting at the affordable hosting charges. In the following, we have made a WebHostingHub vs FatCow comparison to give you the more detailed understanding of their hosting service.

Note that this comparison will discuss all the basic aspects that include the technical support, package prices, feature offerings and the overall hosting performance. The below comparison chart can give you the brief understanding of their hosting.

Rating WebHostingHub FatCow
Reputation 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Prices 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Features 5 of 5 Star 4.5 of 5 Star
Speed 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Uptime 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Technical Support 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
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WebHostingHub vs FatCow – Their Common Aspects

Both of these two web hosts have gained the great reputation on their feature offerings. Even, they all offer the green web hosting to reduce the bad environmental influences ultimately.

We have checked the feature lists of these web hosts and have found that both of them offer the rich hosting features. You can feel easy to set up, run and manage your website without any worry.

  • Server resources – WebHostingHub allocates different volumes if you choose different hosting packages. But in summary, unless you choose the wrong plan, you can be satisfied with enough resources. As for FatCow, they directly claim to offer the unlimited resources.
  • Free extras – They all provide the free domain name and the advertising credits. WebHostingHub allows up to $250 credits while FatCow offers $200 in total.
  • Website building – They all offer the 1-click install for the popular scripts such as Joomla and the user-friendly control panel.
  • Email service – The email storage and accounts are surely enough from both of these two web hosts. Also, there are some tools for the better email protection.

WebHostingHub vs FatCow – Their Different Aspects

When it comes to their differences, we have found a lot of aspects, especially for their hosting charges, ease of use, hosting performance and technical support.

WebHostingHub Is Cheaper than FatCow

In fact, the regular charges of WebHostingHub web hosting packages are not cheap. However, this web host offers the great discounts for all the new customers. Especially, their basic Spark plan charges you starting at $1.95/mo only for the first three months and $3.99/mo for the rest terms. The cheap charges can be got via this special promotional link, 78% off the regular price of $8.99/mo. As for another two plans, you can enjoy the 46% discount and get them at the prices of $6.99/mo and $10.99/mo respectively.

WebHostingHub Promotion Link Activation

As for the all-in-one plan of FatCow, you need to pay $49 per year, namely $4.08 for each month. Frankly speaking, this web host does not give you enough freedom for plan selection. Even, with the same level of feature offerings, they charge you more than WebHostingHub.

WebHostingHub Is More User-Friendly than FatCow

As compared, WebHostingHub is the more user-friendly option than FatCow, which is much suitable for newbies. This is because this web host offers plenty of useful tools to achieve the easy website creation and control.

  • You can get the service of free website transfer for up to 3 sites. This can ensure almost no downtime to have your whole site moved safely and quickly.
  • There is an auto-installation service available for WordPress and PrestaShop.
  • All the hosting plans come with the BoldGrid. This is a free site builder with the drag-and-drop feature.
  • You can get the personalized on-boarding. This means after the signup, you can get the smooth setup by contacting their on-boarding team.

Even, WebHostingHub offers the cPanel control panel that is much easier to use than the custom control panel of FatCow.

WebHostingHub Performs Better than FatCow

We have carried out an online test for both of these two web hosts with the same Joomla powered blog site. According to the monitoring statistics, WebHostingHub is truly reliable with the almost 100% uptime.

FatCow is not that excellent, coming with the 99.95% uptime.

In addition, the server response time of WebHostingHub for each server request is only half of that of FatCow.

For the great hosting performance, WebHostingHub ensures the quality of their web servers and the advanced facilities of their data centers. In addition, they use the solid state drives for the up to 20 times of hosting speed and the better reliability. Even, if you choose their Nitro plan or the Dynsmo plan, you can have the freedom to choose the data center that is near to your visitors the most.

WebHostingHub Offers the Better Technical Support than FatCow

Both of them offer the 24/7 technical support through various channels. However, when talking about the support professionalism, we think WebHostingHub is better based on our own experience and customer reviews.

  • You can always be replied by WebHostingHub within the shortest time no matter when you ask for help.
  • The support of WebHostingHub is truly 24/7 available. This means even if you contact them during the midnight, there will be someone talking to you.
  • You can ask any hosting related question via any contact method.


Surely, WebHostingHub is the better hosting provider than FatCow. They especially do the great job for the aspects of speed, technical support, reliability and charges. Even, they ensure the long refund period that is up to 90 days.