WebHostingHub vs InMotion Hosting on Budget Hosting Comparison

WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting are the sister brands. Both of them offer the cheap web hosting and maintain the great hosting quality since their inception. Now, if you are looking for the similarities and differences between them so as to make a decision for the better hosting, you can check the following WebHostingHub vs InMotion Hosting comparison.

Between them, WebHostingHub gets started since the year of 2010, coming with the goal of providing the cost-effective web hosting solution. At present, this web host has two US data centers, along with more than 40,000 happy users and over 200 US based staffs.

As for InMotion Hosting, this web host is the larger and older option than WebHostingHub. They start the hosting business since 2001. With years of efforts, this web host now is one of the A+ rating web hosts recommended by BBB. Also, InMotion Hosting is the CNET certified hosting company that gets 3 out of 3 stars.

Rating WebHostingHub InMotion
Reputation 5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Prices 4.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Features 4.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Speed 4 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Uptime 4.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Technical Support 5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
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WebHostingHub vs InMotion – How Can They Differ From Each Other

It is true that these two web hosts are the sister brands. However, they do differ from each other in some aspects.

Hosting Charges – InMotion Hosting Is Slightly Cheaper

To be frank, the hosting charges set by both of these two web hosts are below the average industry level. InMotion Hosting, in particular, is even slightly cheaper.

Here, InMotion Hosting offers three web hosting packages. Regularly, you will be charged at the prices ranging from $6.99/mo to $15.99/mo. However, this hosting provider now makes a special promotional link available for the public. If you sign up via this link, you can get a 50% discount for each package, getting their service starting at $3.49 per month effectively.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation

WebHostingHub also provides three plans that charge you starting at $8.99/mo initially. The lucky thing is that this web host also offers a beneficial promotional link to achieve the up to 78% discount. This way, you only need to spend $1.95 for the first three months if you choose the Spark plan. After that special period, the hosting charge starts at $3.99/mo.

WebHostingHub Promotion Link Activation

Hosting Usability – WebHostingHub Is Better

Here, we have to admit that both WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting promise the easy hosting. With the drag-and-drop site builder, you can set up any kind of website quickly. With the 1-click installer, you can have the scripts like Joomla installed easily. In addition, they all offer the cPanel for the better website control.

Moreover, WebHostingHub even ensures the much easier hosting with the following offerings.

  • The auto-installation for the tools of PrestaShop and WordPress.
  • The great web design service.
  • The Premium Website Builder.

Hosting Speed – InMotion Hosting Is Faster

As for the hosting speed, we have to say that they all ensure the fast hosting performance that far exceeds the average level in the industry. Here, you can check the following statistics to learn how they perform for the past testing period. It is clear that InMotion Hosting performs faster.

Although they perform differently, both of these two web hosts make use of the top-level web servers to ensure the stable and fast performing all the times. In addition, their US-based data centers are all cutting-edge, which can ensure the smooth working for all the server machines.

Hosting Freedom – InMotion Hosting Gives More

Here, we need to mention that WebHostingHub is a shared web hosting provider that works based on the Linux operating system.

InMotion Hosting, however, gives more freedom with the offering of VPS hosting and the dedicated server hosting.

WebHostingHub vs InMotion – How Can They Be In Similar

As the famous and truly quality web hosts, these two companies surely work similarly for some essential aspects.

They All Offer the Rich Features and Free Extras

We have checked the feature & plan page of these two web hosts. Frankly speaking, both of them offer a long list of competitive and useful features.

Firstly, all the basic features are included. For example, the disk space, email storage and bandwidth are all offered without any restriction. In addition, you can host more than one website on each hosting account, along with plenty of sub-domains and parked domains.

In addition, they all offer the free SSD drives and the domain name. Also, the advertising credits are ensured for free. However, InMotion Hosting ensures the $250 credits for all the plans while WebHostingHub allows different allocations for different packages.

Features WebHostingHub InMotion
Plans Spark Launch
Server Resources & Email Unlimited Unlimited
Database 10 2
Domain Hosting 2 2
Advertising $75 $250
Parked Domain 5 6
Sub-Domain 25 25
Promo Link Promo Link

They All Maintain the Good Uptime Record

This is an essential aspect for any web host. Luckily, both of these two web hosts have done great for their hosting reliability.

As tested, InMotion Hosting succeeds in ensuring no downtime. The 100% uptime record is the evidence.

As for WebHostingHub, they also ensure the 99.99% uptime record.

They All Offer the Helpful Technical Support

As researched, almost all of their customers are highly satisfied with their technical support. The support service can be got at any time and the support representatives are all professional enough.

More importantly, both of them allow multiple support methods to ensure the utmost convenience. In addition to the regular options of live chat, email, ticket and phone, InMotion Hosting also allows the Q&A community and WebHostingHub also allows the instant chatting on Skype.


Here, it is clear that both of them are the budget-friendly hosting providers that ensure the reliable and fast service. However, if you care more about the hosting speed, you can choose InMotion Hosting. In addition, if you are the newbie that needs the easy hosting, you can choose WebHostingHub.