WebHostingHub vs IXWebHosting – Which Is the Better Blog Hosting Provider

WebHostingHub has been a dedicated web hosting provider since the inception in 2010. Dating back to 1999, IXWebHosting can meet the needs for web hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS. When you decide to run a blog, however, you are likely to focus your eyes on the web hosting service only. Then a question arises in your mind that which one is the better blog hosting provider. To find the answer effortlessly, you can read this WebHostingHub vs IXWebHosting comparison carefully.

Our editors know how to evaluate a web host well with rich review hosting experience. During the process, we not just take customers’ feedbacks for reference but also look into the details on many core factors with our personal tests and monitoring. At first, we present you with a rating table based on our investigation.

Rating WebHostingHub IXWebHosting
Operating System 4 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Prices 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
Features 4.5 of 5 Star 4.5 of 5 Star
Uptime 5 of 5 Star 4.5 of 5 Star
Speed 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Support 4.5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
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IXWebHosting Edges over WebHostingHub

Two operating systems

WebHostingHub runs their hosting websites on the Linux operating system only, which will disappointment those who want to work with Windows hosting. However, IXWebHosting gives you more hosting freedom with the release of both Linux and Windows hosting solutions.

Up to 15 dedicated IPs and 3 free domain name

With IXWebHosting, you can register for up to 3 new domain names at no extra cost. Besides, you are able to get up to 15 dedicated IPs which can help you improve your search engine rankings. By default, your account hosted by WebHostingHub will share an IP address with others on your server unless you purchase a dedicated IP address from WebHostingHub.

WebHostingHub Edges over IXWebHosting

To allow you more selecting freedom, both web hosts have launched three Linux-based hosting solutions which are regularly priced from $8.99/mo and $7.95/mo. After discounts, the prices starting at $3.99/mo and $3.95/mo are more budget-friendly. However, the below listed information should be worthy of your attention.

  • The WebHostingHub discounted prices are exclusive to new comers who activate the below promotional link.
  • With WebHostingHub, you can enjoy $1.95/mo for the first 3 mos when you sign up for 2/3-year contract.
  • Though you have more freedom to decide billing cycle with IXWebHosting, you should leave the monthly payments out of consideration due to the setup fee.
Pricing Information WebHostingHub IXWebHosting
Plan in Review Spark Expert Plan
Regular Price $8.99/mo $7.95/mo
1-Month Payment $9.95/mo + $30 Setup
3-Month Payment $7.95/mo + $30 Setup
1-Year Payment $3.99/mo $4.95/mo
2-Year Payment $1.95/mo (3 mos) +$3.99/mo (21 mos) $3.95/mo
3-Year Payment $1.95/mo (3 mos) +$3.99/mo (33 mos) $3.95/mo
Payment Methods Credit Card Credit/Debit Card & Paypal
How to Claim Link Activation Not Recommended
WebHostingHub Promotion Link Activation

More features

On the basis of the Spark plan (WebHostingHub) and Expert Plan (IXWebHosting), the below comparison shows that both WebHostingHub and IXWebHosting include rich features with the minimum plan while the former one is superior to the latter one with the provision of 90-day full money back, $250 credit cards, free SSD drives, and SSL certificate.

Feature Information WebHostingHub IXWebHosting
Plan in Review Spark Expert Plan
Free Domain 1 1
Hosted Domain(s) 2 Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 2 Unknown
Full Money Back 90 Days 30 Days
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Website Transfer Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes Yes
Free SSD Yes No
Ad Credits Yes No
SSH Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Free SSL Certificate Yes No
Regular Price $8.99/mo $7.95/mo
Current Price $3.99/mo $3.95/mo
How to Claim Link Activation Not Recommended

Better hosting environment

WebHostingHub has two data centers: one on the West Coast and another on the East Coast. For the better performance, you are allowed to decide your data center location. However, IXWebHosting hosts all the websites within the single data center. Besides, WebHostingHub works with SSD storage and server caching.

Though our website hosted by IXWebHosting is up 99.9% of the time, WebHostingHub delivers much better uptime. Such is the case with the server response time. Below chart speaks that WebHostingHub has the ability to provide a good hosting environment.

Higher support quality

On the official website, IXWebHosting claims to provide personal customer support. However, our personal tests and customer’s feedbacks reveal the fact that IXWebHosting fails to come up with helpful solutions in most cases.

Things turn different with WebHostingHub who has created a 200+ US based support team. Quick and professional responses will be made by WebHostingHub via live chat, phone call, Skype, and ticket. Also, you can find solutions from the thousands of online tutorials and Community Q&A.

Green hosting

Since 2010, WebHostingHub has tried the best to minimize the carbon footprints it leaves on the environment. WebHostingHub is a green hosting provider who utilizes advanced Outside Air cooling technology, increase recycling, and more.

Wrap Up

Having read this comparison, you should easily tell one from the other. We sincerely advise you to choose WebHostingHub if you want to shop for Linux-based web hosting service. With WebHostingHub, you can also have as long as 90 days to check the service quality.