WebHostingHub vs NameCheap on Cheap Web Hosting

Both WebHostingHub and NameCheap provide the cost-effective and budget-friendly web hosting solution. Between them, WebHostingHub gets started since the year of 2010. Being the sister brand of InMotion Hosting, this web host pays much more attention to the hosting quality. And in the meanwhile, they keep one goal in the mind – ensure the utmost affordability for their customers. As for NameCheap, this is a relatively older hosting company that was founded in 2000. Unlike WebHostingHub that focuses on the cheap web hosting, NameCheap spreads their business to multiple fields, such as domain registration, email service and hosting security.

It is true that both of these two web hosts are the suitable options for people who are looking for the cheap web hosting. However, they indeed have some differences so as not to be suitable for all the webmasters. If you want to make the decision between them, the following WebHostingHub vs NameCheap comparison can help you a lot, learning their exclusive benefits easily.

Rating WebHostingHub NameCheap
Prices 4.5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Features 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Speed 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Uptime 5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Customer Support 5 of 5 Star 4 of 5 Star
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How Can NameCheap Win Over WebHostingHub

As compared, we have found two main aspects that NameCheap edges over WebHostingHub. These include the cheaper hosting charges and the broader service range.

NameCheap Charges Lower than WebHostingHub

There are 4 packages you can choose from NameCheap web hosting in total. All of these plans are pretty budget-friendly. You can afford their service easily, being charged from $0.82/mo to $17.98/mo only.

As for WebHostingHub, this web host provides 3 hosting plans up to now. Initially, you need to pay at least $8.99 per month to get their service. However, with the release of this exclusive promotional link, you can get an up to 78% discount. This way, the hosting charge starts at $1.95/mo effectively.

WebHostingHub Promotion Link Activation

NameCheap Provides More Services than WebHostingHub

The business range of NameCheap is broad. With this web host, you can get a wide variety of online services to better start and run your online presence. For instance, you can choose the suitable hosting solution, register the proper domain name, purchase the professional SSL certificate and many more.

WebHostingHub, however, only allows the most basic shared web hosting solution.

How Can WebHostingHub Win Over NameCheap

The dedication on the shared web hosting of WebHostingHub ensures the high quality for the hosting solution. In this case, when comparing the main hosting quality, such as the speed and the technical support, WebHostingHub does the better job.

WebHostingHub Is Faster with the Better Reliability

The hosting performance and the reliability are two of the most crucial aspects when comparing two web hosts. To come out the results, we have searched the information of their servers and data centers, which have the huge impact on the overall performance.

  • WebHostingHub – This web host is the sister brand of InMotion Hosting. In this case, they only use the robust server machines just like their famous sister company to host your website. Even, all of these machines are located at two of the cutting-edge data centers.
  • NameCheap – This hosting provider also pays much more attention to the server quality and data center facility. Their servers are all of the high specifications and branded machine components. In addition, this web host operates multiple data centers that ensure the full redundancy for network, climate and power.

It is true that both of these two hosting providers ensure the solid base to achieve the fast and reliable web hosting. However, after testing and monitoring their service in the real world, we have found that WebHostingHub does the better job, promising the 99.99% uptime and the fast server response speed of 397 ms effectively

For the better hosting performance, WebHostingHub also makes use of the SSD drives that can perform 20X faster than the common hard drives.

WebHostingHub Provides More Package Features

After comparing their package features, we have found that WebHostingHub provides much more server resources, tools and services than NameCheap.

  • Server resources – WebHostingHub does not restrict their allocation of server resources. This means unless you overuse the hosting solution, you can get unlimited disk storage and the monthly bandwidth. NameCheap, however, sets the restriction on your use of disk space.
  • Free extras – WebHostingHub offers a lot of free extras that NameCheap may lack, including the free domain name, premium website builder, solid state drives, $250 advertising credits, zero downtime transfer service and many more.
  • Security – It is true that they all offer the free backup service. However, WebHostingHub ensures the daily backup while NameCheap backup service works out two times every week.
  • Money back – The money back policy of WebHostingHub is 90 days, which is much longer than that of NameCheap.
Features WebHostingHub NameCheap
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Space Unlimited 20 GB
cPanel Yes Yes
Advertising Credits $250 No
PHP & MySQL Yes Yes
Full Money Back 90 days 14 days
Backup Daily Twice a Week
Promo Link Not Recommended

WebHostingHub Satisfies People Better for Support Service

As researched online, more than 98% of WebHostingHub real customers feel satisfied with their technical support. The support channels include the live chat, email, ticket and phone. This gives you enough freedom to contact their support team the way you like. In addition, as tested, their response speed is also satisfactory.

As for NameCheap, we have found a lot of suggestions or complaints concerning about their support unavailability or the slow reply.


Surely, WebHostingHub achieves the better hosting quality for the critical aspects, including the features, speed, support and uptime. Even, as researched, they have got the great online reputation and achieved the good impression for their real users.